It. Is. Amazeballs.

Sunshine is a replacement for the realtime shadows in Unity.  It takes the look of your game to a whole new level with volumetric lighting, overcast shadows, and soft filtering.

Not that there's anything wrong with your current lighting...
No judgement!

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Supported Renderers

Feature Forward Deferred
Volumetric Light
Custom Shadows

Supported Platforms

Feature Desktop Mobile
Volumetric Light
Custom Shadows
- Soft Filtering Up to 4x4 PCF Up to 2x2 PCF
- Overcast Shadows With tweak
- MSAA Friendly
- Lightmap Friendly
- Alpha Casters Cutout Cutout
- Alpha Receivers
Game Requirements Shader Model 3.0 Shader Model 2.0


Volumetric Light Scattering!

Runs on Tegra 3 devices like the Ouya and Nexus 7!

Make your game look frickin' awesome!

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